Limit Pc Time

Internet Security Controller 1.0

Internet Security Controller 1.0: Control the time you spending on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other sites. Spending too much time on FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and other social sites? Internet Security Controller allows you to control the time you, your family or your employees spend on Social Networking sites. Now with Internet Security Controller you can securely limit the access time to the strictly indicated time period as well as limit the amount of time for visiting these websites.

Time Station 1.3: Time calculator and spreadsheet, graph, saving and export to csv, MySQL and HTML
Time Station 1.3

time*float, float*float), Division (2 values: time/time, time/float, float/float), Conversion (time=>float, float=>time; units: y, d, h, m, s, ms), Average (multiple values of the same type), Maximal common divisor (multiple positive times or integer values), Minimal common multiple (multiple positive times or integer values, deviation), Increment/decrement by a specified number (multiple values), Trigonometry (1 value: time or float; deg/rad mode

scientific, time, table, spreadsheet, timer, timestation, science, stoppuhr, freeware, tool, rechner, stopwatch, calculator

Advanced Time Control 0.91: Specify when and how long your PC can be used to protect your child’s health
Advanced Time Control 0.91

Advanced Time Control is a program all parents need if they have children between 5 and 16. Advanced Time Control lets you specify when exactly your PC can be used, for how long and you can also select users who can use the PC without any limits. An unauthorized user cannot uninstall the product, even if the user is a computer wiz! At the same time, the program can easily be disabled by an authorized user. Limit harmful PC usage!

parent, harm, time, access, child, health, control

1Way 6.32: Convert any program into time-limited shareware, and register it with a serial.
1Way 6.32

A professional-quality ActiveX control to convert any application into time-limited shareware. Generate serial numbers (registration keys) to register it. Simple and secure online validation on your own website allows you to track serial use and limit the number of computers which can use a serial. Strong encryption. Easy to implement Very flexible. Test program (exe) and comprehensive help file included.

convert, trial, number, locking, lock, limited, time limited, time, serial, register, shareware, generate, limit

FreeSweetGames Pairs Parade 2.0.40: Find the matching pairs limited to a timer or attempts
FreeSweetGames Pairs Parade 2.0.40

The lot of pair cards is mixed up on the game area. Your task to open all cards in pairs for allocated time or attempts. It is simultaneously possible to open only two cards. If opened cards are not pair, they will close. The found pair disappears from a area. Play modes. Time limit - open all pairs for allocated time. Time countdown begins after opening the first card. Move limit - open all pairs for allocated moves.

logic game, puzzle

Magic Timed Shutdown 10.02: Manage computer by timed shutdown, PC management, time limit and other options.
Magic Timed Shutdown 10.02

PC management can block your specified chat software, compression software, download software, windows, browsers, video players and so on. Time limit can restrict the use of computer or network at specified time. For parents, it is a good way to control the time for their children to play computer games. Log analysis offers a detailed analysis of PC startup time, shutdown time and running time. You can view all startup, shutdown records, or record

timed, auto shutdown software, timed shutdown, pc scheduler, software, shutdown, computer, magic timed shutdown, shutdown timer

Cyber Web Filter 2.20: Powerful proxy which can share, monitor and filter Internet access on your LAN.
Cyber Web Filter 2.20

limit certain requests to a slower speed so that they do not congest your network. For example, you can speed limit MP3, EXE and ZIP file downloads to a maximum of 20 KB/s per user. Cyber Web Filter includes a usage counter which records how much bandwidth and time each user or workstations has spent on the Internet on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Usage limits can be applied to users so that when a user exceeds their quota, their Internet access

quota, time, monitor, restrict, file types, employee, school, limit, adult, control, usage, traffic, internet

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